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Outside In Each project begins with the relationship of the space to its surroundings including the unique light of the space; the colors of the surrounding natural environment; the style of the specific and surrounding architecture; the sounds and textures of the area; the climate and the cultural influences. Inside Out As the project unfolds, each design decision influences the next. All decisions are driven by the clients’ core needs from each space both practical and heartfelt. Great design springs from the rich benefits of collaboration between the designer; the client; the artisans and other key players on the project. Harmony The result of a cohesive design process is one that creates a seamless flow as people move from outside the project to within the project. The acknowledgement of this flow within the design creates a subtle sense of harmony. It is as important to ensure a design solution that not only looks great but also feels great. Barb Siudy Portland Oregon Interior Exterior Design Oregon Hawaii California Washington